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BATAG Gala Awards Reactions

Hello Theatre Family! It's was here! We went! We saw all our amazing dressed friends! We even cried a whole bunch. On this week's episode, Rachael and Travis sat down with the AMAZING Laura Davis Oldham (who may be the best actress we know) to talk all things Gala and the award winners.

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Episode 10 - The Brainerd Theatre and Actors Guild (Featuring: Kevin Yeager)

Hello Theatre Family! We sat down with the dapper Kevin Yeager to learn more about him and his connections to local community theatre. How he got started, how he keeps his family involved, and what keeps him motivated. We also touch on the Brainerd Theatre & Actors Guild, of which Kevin is the founder; talking about how the Guild has grown in such a short time, the popularity of the Gala, and where he would like to take it in the future. Not to mention, we get a little preview of his current role in the BCT’s production of “Young Frankenstein”.

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